Project Planning

When it comes to larger projects where comprehensive documentation and drawings are needed, we work with the absolute best in the industry.


What does project planning involve?

It means drawing up detailed plans for the exact placement of everything in the premises, ensuring that everything fits and that there are no clashes between installations.

It is also important for coordinating the different trades such as carpenters, plumbing, and electrical. In larger projects, each trade has its own designer responsible for their part.

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Why is project planning necessary?

The risk if you don't plan is that installations such as floor drains and water outlets end up in the wrong place or that the wrong cable dimensions are prepared to a machine. It may also be that you don't have space for the machines and products you intended because the measurements were wrong. Often, the cost of project planning is significantly less than correcting these issues later if there are misunderstandings and mistakes during the construction process.

Perfecta's responsibility in project planning

Usually, our delivery comes in last in a project, when everything else is finished. This makes it incredibly important for us to be involved throughout the process and in construction meetings to identify and find solutions where problems could otherwise arise.

This coordination is an important task that many of our repeat customers appreciate not having to take responsibility for themselves."

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Sounds interesting?

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This is how it works.

Initial meeting


First and foremost, we aim to gain as much understanding as possible regarding our customer's visions, expectations, and timeline. Based on this, we determine together to what extent our expertise is needed. With us, you always have the same contact person throughout the entire project, which is a great advantage.



Sometimes there is already an existing requirements specification that we review and thoroughly analyze.
In other cases, we start from your idea or a simple sketch, working together to develop a plan that matches the desired requirements.

We get started


When we reach this stage, a kitchen consultant is usually needed to move forward and develop drawings and documentation that builders and other professionals can work from. We work with the very best in the industry, which minimizes the risk of misunderstandings and errors during the construction process.



In this stage, we select suitable suppliers that fit the specific project.
Since we are independent, we can always find a perfect solution instead of compromising.
We compile a quotation, which we review together with you to explain our approach. Then we make any necessary adjustments based on your requests



Here, we review together which financing model suits you best. Then we give the go-ahead to our suppliers to start production. We always receive construction drawings, which we cross-check to minimize the risk of errors upon delivery.



Now it's time for the most exciting part when you get to see all the work and planning take shape on-site.
Based on your preferences, we handle logistics, assembly, connection, and commissioning.
Then we review and follow up to ensure everything has been completed as agreed.



Should anything happen after you have started your operations, we have a support organization ready to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.
We have a well-established service organization both in Sweden and in the other countries we sell to.


Our projects

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Support & service

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Sectors we work with.

We have many different types of customers. Here, you can find more information about your specific sector and what we can do for your business.

Perfecta Storkök is today the leading player in the industry. Whether it is a Michelin-starred restaurant, a multinational chain customer, a retail chain, or a newly opened café, we have the right expertise to assist you.


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Whether you are opening a restaurant aiming for 3 stars or your dream is to run a cozy neighborhood bistro, we have the experience that allows you to focus on what you do best...

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If you want to succeed in the café scene in Sweden today, you need something genuine and unique. We help you with customized solutions that can both realize your vision and fit your budget

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Institutional kitchen

When it comes to industrial kitchens, it is important to have a partner who understands workflows and how to combine efficient production with ergonomics and the work environment

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Chain Customer

Perfecta Storkök has played an important role in significantly raising the quality of equipment in this segment. In addition to customizing designs with our suppliers, enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability has made us a leader in the industry.

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For all of you working in the grocery retail industry with an ambition to deliver that little us. We can help you with everything from the front-end store to optimizing production in the store kitchen or bakery.

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Construction company

If you work as a constructor and want a reliable partner for your projects when it comes to restaurants, kitchens, bars, or stores, you should contact us.

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