We equip restaurants and professional kitchens

Perfecta Storkök is a comprehensive supplier of restaurant equipment and furnishings,
with extensive experience and broad expertise in restaurant establishments. 
We have offices in several locations in Sweden to be close to you as a customer.

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Perfecta storkök

We are experts in kitchens and restaurants

With an interest and commitment to both the industry and you, we ensure satisfied customers by developing solutions that create comfort and functionality and are aesthetically pleasing. You, as a customer, mean everything to us. We are humble in our collaboration and take on all types of projects, large and small.

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Related Services

Below you will find some of our related services and what they entail

Project planning

If you are renovating or building new, we assist with drawings and planning.

Read more about Project planning


Whatever you need, we help you find the best option for your business.

Read more about Sales


If delivery and mounting of the equipment is desired, we have access to skilled and experienced installers throughout the country.

Read more about Mounting


If you need connection and commissioning of machines and refrigeration equipment, we can handle that as well.

Read more about installation

Support & service

Our support department assists with warranty issues or booking service through selected service partners across the country.

Read more about Support & Service

We are your reliable partner, whether you need products or solutions for a restaurant, bar, café, institutional kitchen, or store. We take on all types of projects, big or small.


Sectors we work with.

We have many different types of customers. Here, you can find more information about your specific sector and what we can do for your business.

Perfecta Storkök is today the leading player in the industry. Whether it is a Michelin-starred restaurant, a multinational chain customer, a retail chain, or a newly opened café, we have the right expertise to assist you.


Rummel Perfecta Storkök


Whether you are opening a restaurant aiming for 3 stars or your dream is to run a cozy neighborhood bistro, we have the experience that allows you to focus on what you do best...

Read more about Restaurant

Man preparing coffee at table in cafe


If you want to succeed in the café scene in Sweden today, you need something genuine and unique. We help you with customized solutions that can both realize your vision and fit your budget

Read more about Café

Freyja Perfecta Storkök

Institutional kitchen

When it comes to industrial kitchens, it is important to have a partner who understands workflows and how to combine efficient production with ergonomics and the work environment

Read more about Institutional kitchen

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Key Account

Perfecta Storkök has played an important role in significantly raising the quality of equipment in this segment. In addition to customizing designs with our suppliers, enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability has made us a leader in the industry.

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For all of you working in the grocery retail industry with an ambition to deliver that little us. We can help you with everything from the front-end store to optimizing production in the store kitchen or bakery.

Read more about Retail

Construction company

If you work as a constructor and want a reliable partner for your projects when it comes to restaurants, kitchens, bars, or stores, you should contact us.

Read more about Construction company


How we work

Per Fritzell, CEO, shares his thougths

Join us at Perfecta as the founder, Per, shares more about the company, our way of working, and what creates the special Perfecta spirit.

 About us

Perfecta storkök

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